Practiced Hands: Therapeutic Massage

Who am I?

     My name is Christopher Hensley and my journey to becoming a massage therapist has been one of mis-trial and discovery. From a young age my sense of touch was cultivated by my father, when he would have my brother and I walk on his back and legs, in a cute (imagine a couple of toddlers trying to help their father) but poor attempt, to relieve pain and stress from his job. As I got older I found myself attempting to give massages to relieve the stress of my schoolmates, teammates, and coworkers. With the benefit of some acupressure training from my father, reminiscent of his martial art days, I was told that it was something that I should pursue; naturally, I ignored this early call to action.

     I went on to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. I was trained in Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies, where I received my B.A. in both subjects. I drifted from job to job, and after realizing that waiting tables was no longer satisfying me, I began to search for another career. After a quick google search I found the National Holistic Institute; NHI was close to my home, and after a brief tour of the campus, I signed up for the program. My NHI education was comprehensive (900 hours or a year), they provided education in multiple modalities, focuses in Kinesiology and Anatomy, and great business practices. I was truly surprised by the depth of the program, and how much it re-invigorated my passion for learning. I went on to continue with NHI's Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program, and received and additional 450 hours of education in Trigger Point Therapy, and a much more in-depth look at Anatomy, pathology, and orthopedic testing.

My goals now are simple: provide therapeutic and relaxing massages to those in need, continue my education by going on to Graduate school and continued training in multiple massage techniques, and growing this business. 


If you would like to skip the paper work at the beginning of your first session, please click below for a copy of my Client Intake form. Please have this filled out and signed when you arrive for your session.

Contact Information
Practiced Hands: Therapeutic Massage
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Email: General inquiries, please fill out the form below. Please answer the following questions in your email:
1) What are your goals in receiving massage? (e.g. chronic tension/pain, relaxation, etc)
2) Do you have any current injuries or medical conditions that I should know about?
3) How did you find my website?

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This section is all about my qualifications. I know that most people like to do research before jumping into business with any particular entity, and I am a firm believer in research. I thought I would make it a little bit easier. I will be posting copies of any and all pertinent certificates/certifications/awards here on this page.