Practiced Hands: Therapeutic Massage

     Welcome to Practiced Hands: Therapeutic Massage! This is a small company (owned and operated by just one person) dedicated to helping you find ways to destress from the rigors of life. As a Neuromuscular therapist, I specialize in techniques that address pain (chronic or otherwise), range of motion issues, injury, and help with rehabilitation and post-surgery needs.

    It is my goal to see that every client is given my full attention, and with that in mind, each session targets your specific needs. I take time to create a custom tailored body work session, that focuses on the chronic pain areas, and the supporting muscle groups, in order to help the muscles return to nominal function. Though this type of work is my specialty, I am also aware that sometimes all you need is a nice relaxing massage, and I can provide that as well, just go to "Services" tab to see what I can bring to your session. 

    Please take a look around, and explore. If you are looking to get the process started you can find all my contact information under the "About" tab in the "Contact Info" section, or you can click on "Book Here" and get your session scheduled today. I hope that you will take the time to put your needs at the forefront and start the process of recovery with Practiced Hands: Therapeutic Massage, where you can find a touch of relief. 


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I am no longer accepting appointments, but don’t fret, please go to my “Additional Links” tab

and check out some of the Massage Therapists highlighted there. They do great work.



Q: Can I book with you online?

A: Why yes, yes you can. Check out the Bookings tab on at the top of the page.

Q: What kinds of massage do you offer?

A: I offer many different modalities: Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, and even Energy Massage. My website also has sections for each modality and what to expect when receiving the work.

Q: What can I expect from my massage?

A: Massage can be anything you need it to be, whether that is a relaxing or more therapeutic experience; it all depends on what kind of body work you are hoping to receive. 

Q: How should I prepare for my massage?

A: First and foremost, stay hydrated throughout the day, depending on the work you receive you may feel sore the next day, and staying hydrated will help flush metabolic waste out of your muscles and help you feel better faster. I always recommend to do some light stretching before coming in, it helps warm the tissues, which means we can get to the deeper work faster. As for how to dress, please come in comfortable clothes; something easy to move around in (gym attire is the best). That does NOT include denim.

Q: Why should I come in comfortable clothes, aren’t I going to get undressed and on the table?

A: I actually prefer to do most of my massages with you (the client) dressed, it reduces the hassle and gives you more bodywork time. However, there are modalities that require that you to disrobe, those are listed on the description pages of my website. 

Q: Do you do outcalls (mobile massage)?

A: Absolutely! I am more than happy to go to your home/office/event and provide massage in the comfort of your own space. I have multiple tables and a massage chair, so I am ready to go where ever you need me. 

Q: What does the mobile massage entail?

A: At the moment I am only offering the massages, no wraps or scrubs. You can expect me to arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment, I will need that time to set up my equipment and about that much time when we are done to break it all down. There is a price increase for my travel time/gas/parking/etc., all massages are $20 more than advertised on my booking page.