Holiday Special!

Hello everyone!

I would like to time a moment to express my gratitude for your continuing support in my endeavor to create a lively and thriving massage practice. It means the world to me that you endorse, support, and come to me for your therapeutic and relaxation needs. In the next year you will be seeing a client appreciation special, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I would also like to remind you that gift giving season is upon us; if you are in need of a gift idea, I have gift cards available. Please call/text/email/fb message me about any questions you might have. I also have some very exciting news. Starting today and going to December 31st, I will be offering a package deal special. The package deal comes in two options:

1) 3 massages normally cost $240 --> 3 massage package special for $204 (that's 15% off)!

2) 5 massages normally cost $400 --> 5 massage package special for $320 (that's 20% off, or buy 4, get 1 free)!

These deals are great as gift ideas. You can buy a package deal, and give any number of them to friends or family, or you can keep them to yourself. I will be putting the specials on my booking site, if you'd like to schedule your first appoint of your package you can do that there. If you are looking to purchase these as a gift, please feel free to contact me and we can make the proper arrangements.