Again I am late. This is becoming a bad habit, and I must apologize for my actions. This week is going to be brief. Today's blog is actually going to be a survey, just a couple of questions that I have for you guys and would love to have you answer.

1) Do you suffer from chronic pain? What is it?

2) Have you had the issue diagnosed by a doctor? If the diagnosis is inconclusive, have you looked at homeopathic remedies? 

3) There are many chronic pain issues that can be exasperated by muscular tension, have you tried myofacial or neuromuscular massage?

I am looking to grow my client base, and I would love your help in this endeavor. If you wouldn't mind reflecting on these questions, and shooting me any of the answers you are comfortable with, I would be glad to make some time in my schedule to talk it over with you.


Thanks again, 

Christopher Hensley