Updates and All That!

Hello Everyone!

Today is all about some updates. First and foremost I recently became a resident of Marin (very exciting) and as such I need to tweak the business hours to accommodate  my commute time. The business hours have changed to:

Monday: 5pm-9pm

Tuesday: 5pm-9pm

Wednesday: By appointment 9am-9pm ( I share the office with my business partner Randy this day, so just gimme a call/text/email so we can schedule our time without running into Randy's appointments).

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 9am-9pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 4pm-8pm

As for other business stuff, I have moved away from my very diverse treatment menu to a more streamlined and efficient menu. I will now only be charging for the block of time you book, every session is a custom session for us, and I wanted to reflect that for the booking options. Those options are:

15 min. Chair Massage starting at $17

30 min. Custom Session $40 (for those times when you need really focused work in a short time period)

60 min. Custom Session $80

90 min. Custom Session $110

120 min. Custom Session $140

If you have any questions or want to start booking give me a ring/chime(text)/ding(email)!

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