Chair Massage

     Don't have time for a full massage? Well, I have a solution for you. I am more than willing and capable of performing chair massage upon request. These short (20 minute) sessions are ideal for getting some quick and necessary body work done without having to sacrifice a large chunk of your day. 

     I also work events. If you are looking to have a MT at your office party, picnic, soiree, etc. Please send me an email or call me to work out the details.

Portable Massage

     I am happy to provide almost any of my services in the comfort of your home. For any service please add an additional $20 for travel expenses. If you will be utilizing this service and have multiple people that will be receiving massage, please book those as separate appointments (or call me to work out those details), that way I can bring the proper amount of supplies. 

Please understand that if you book an at home massage, I will arrive 15 minutes early to set up, it will take about the same amount of time to break down.