These links will send you to some of the best people I know: my partners, my influences, and my supporters. Please check them out, and let them know who sent you.

The school where this whole massage adventure started. If you are interested in learning a new skill or just want to know about the training I went through, check it out.

A fantastic landscaping company. The owner is a jovial man, and also my father; he has done installations all over Sebastopol and Santa Rosa. If you are looking to improve your yard you should give him a call.

Randy and I attended NHI together, and we have a shared office space. He is a fantastic human being, and an exceptional massage therapist. He likes to utilize the eastern modalities of massages, so check him out if that is what you are all about.

David Ireland is an incredible therapist. He is knowledgable, kind, hard working, and experienced. I know all this, because he was one of my teachers and mentors. Not only is he a skilled Neuromuscular therapist, he is also a practitioner of Lomi Lomi, a traditional Hawaiian massage. If you have never experienced it before, here is your chance to go and check it out. 

Owned and operated by my friend Mary. She is a trained neuromuscular therapist, just like me. We attended the same program in Emeryville. She is a talented therapist, constantly working with athelets to overcome their issues. I highly recommend her as a great resource in your search for improved mobility, not to mention she is a hoot!