Swedish Massage

     Swedish massage is the standard massage that most spas offer around the world. It is a very relaxing modality, utilizing light to moderate pressure, meant to emphasize relaxation and help promote circulation. As is customary of this work, the client is disrobed and draped on the table. Utilizing lotions or oils, Swedish is a great full body experience that can help almost anyone destress from life.

   Deep Tissue

     Deep tissue work is very similar to the Swedish modality. In fact, most people think that they are the same thing. However, deep tissue work is much more focused than a Swedish massage. The term deep tissue can be deceiving, it is not a style of massage that is in it's own unique category. Deep tissue is utilized to access and manipulate the deeper layers of subcutaneous and muscular tissues. That means that any therapeutic modality is technically  a deep tissue massage.

     That being said, this particular deep tissue massage is done while the client is disrobed and draped on the table. You could actually think of this massage as an advanced Swedish; the first step is working the requested area slowly with cream and getting to the deeper levels of tissue, typically with elbows. The second step, with whatever time is left, is to provide a nice overall Swedish experience to the rest of the body.